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Chaine Military Competition Air Force Chef TSgt Andy Alvarez

Chefs from all five military services will be competing May 18th at the Chaine Military Competition on the 18th during Culinary Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina in May. The winner will be the U.S. Military representative in this year's International Jeunes Commis Rôtisseur competition. For more information please go to

Over the next two weeks we will be featuring a military chef competitor from each service.

Our third Chef is Air Force TSgt Andy Alvarez

Andy Alvarez was born and raised in Lima-Peru as the only child in the family. He moved to New Jersey to live with his mom at the age of 20. He has a son name Matthew who currently lives in Peru. His first job was as a cook at KFC in New Jersey. After a few months later he I decided to join the U.S Air Force. His passion for cooking comes from his family, especially his grandmother who used to cook for his family at every gathering. He loves to go back to Peru and try the same dishes his grandmother used to cook for us and experiment with all the different ingredients that he can get there. He is extremely happy to cook in the Air Force and to be in a position now where he can learn from top Chefs from all the military branches. One of his long term goals is to be able to open his own restaurant and offer dishes from all the places the Air Force had brought him.


Check out some of his work below. Good luck TSgt Andy Alvarez!

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