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Chaine Military Competition Army Chef Luis E. Irizarry Rodriguez

Chefs from all five military services will be competing May 18th at the Chaine Military Competition on the 18th during Culinary Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina in May. The winner will be the U.S. Military representative in this year's International Jeunes Commis Rôtisseur competition. For more information please go to

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring a military chef competitor from each service.

Our first Chef is Army Chef Staff Sergeant Luis E. Irizarry Rodriguez

Staff Sergeant Irizarry Rodriguez Luis E. is 34 years old and was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He has been married for 13 years to his wonderful wife Aimee Castro. They have two kids and dachshund dogs. Their daughter Gabriella is 13 years old and their son Nicholas is 3 years old. He joined the Army in 2009 as a Food Services Specialist and has been deployed once to Afghanistan. His Culinary experience comes from the island where he worked in a fine dining restaurant cleaning dishes and frying plantains all day long. Since he was in the military he had the opportunity to be part of the culinary team at FT Steward GA where he obtained one Silver Medal and two Bronze Medals. This was his first time competing in an ACF completion. He is currently stationed at The Pentagon working at Chairman’s Dining Room with 5 other peers from difference branches. They cook daily specials and serve lunch events for the Joint Chief of Staff’s Generals, Flag Officers and their guest. He is very passionate about sanitation and cooking food to the highest level. His favorite cooking style is Italian cuisine with an authentic Caribbean touch.

His career goals are to complete his Master Degree in Culinary Arts/Master Fruit Carving and retire from the Army at the rank of Command Sergeant Major. He would also like to start his own business called Irizarry’s Catering Company specializing wedding receptions. He has always demonstrated commitment, hard work, and dedication to fill his obligations to his soldiers and unit. He lives up to the Army Values at all times showing respect and loyalty with those whom he serve. He is a consummate self-starter, highly motivated, and goal oriented toward mission success and accomplishment. He is punctual, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspiring.

He has a working knowledge in all areas such as appetizers and sushi. He uses the most sanitary means of preparing food and possess excellent customer service skills, dedication to creating comfortable eating environment, and an understanding of how to adapt foods to tastes, diets, and different cultures. He enjoys working as part of a team as well as being a motivated self- starter. He shares knowledge and techniques with peers and coworkers as well as humbles himself to be able of listen peers and coworkers advice.

He has technical skills on Thai fruit carving using precision, detail, and patience. He possess vast knowledge on Caribbean and South America cuisine including sauces confections and cooking methods with 4 years of experience working at the fine dining restaurant “La Pared” in Lajas, Puerto Rico in 2005.

Check out some of his work below. Good luck Army Chef Staff Sergeant Luis E. Irizarry Rodriguez!

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