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The Secret to Raised Morale in Adazi

Marine Forces Reserve - Adazi, Latvia

Marines with Food Service Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 45, 4th Marine Logistics Group, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve, implemented the use of an Expeditionary Field Kitchen during Exercise Saber Strike 17, June 3-14, 2017.

The field kitchen provided Marines with an efficient way to prepare and serve hot food that is equivalent to using conventional kitchen equipment.

With all of the equipment provided in the compact working environment, the FSC Marines were able to service more than 800 service members to include several international forces in a timely manner with a kitchen staff of only four.

“We have a saying in Food Company,” said Lance Cpl. Luke Rains, Maintenance Non-Commissioned Officer with Food Service Company. “We feed the machine; we fuel the warfighter.”

With 852 Marines on deck and only a handful of Marines operating the EFK, the FSC demonstrated the flexibility and the capability this unique system holds. When Marines return from field operations to find a hot meal, it helps increase the overall morale.

“There is no capacity of mouths we can feed, it’s all about the allotted time that we have. A four man cook team could [cook chow] for up to 800 Marines, it’s all about our equipment’s capability,” said Rains.

The FSC concluded training with one last night of steaks provided to service members from the United Kingdom, Canada, Latvia and the United States after the conclusion of the final Field Training Exercise. The ability to take down the EFK and put it back up in two hours, was a positive addition to the exercise.

“Our ability to provide an elevated chow experience in the field is a privilege and responsibility that we take seriously in FSC,” said CWO4 Alexander Roman, the officer in charge of FSC. “The EFK highlights our ability to conduct expeditionary logistics in any area around the world.”

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