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Airman Gonzalez-Lopez the Izakaya Chef

NARRATION: This is A1C Gonzales-Lopez, but many may know him better simply as G-LO. When G-LO is not hard at work at the 18th communication squadron, hes out getting a full taste of Okinawan culture as he pursues his passion as a chef. SB: The discipline of a kitchen is kind of the same as the discipline in the Air Force, where everybody has their part and you need to play that part as a team and if you overstep your boundaries you might get burned. So I mean if you cant stand the heat of the kitchen, you better get out. I think its the same way in the military where you kind of have to play your part and sometime its "do as youre told" and sometimes you may not like it, but its the right thing to do. The Izakaya job was kind of spur of the moment, I kind of felt a little brave and studying my japanese, I thought I might as well take a shot and that night, I guess one of the staff here had actually quit, so it was a perfect opprotunity where they were leaving and I was asking and sure enough when I asked the master if I could start cooking, he sure enough said no but I kept pursuing it, asked him two or three more times as the night went on and he said "yeah, lets do it. See you tomorrow at six". NARRATION: Since that day G-LO continues to volunteer at the Izakaya twice a week for the sheer satifaction of cooking. SB: I love cooking for the simple pleasure of eatting good food and seeing other people eat good food. I get to see other people at their fullest, when they're their happiests, the most in love when a couple comeS, or just when enjoying a simple dish that is full of flavor. Its amazing. NARRATION: G-LO continues to develop himself professionally, both as an airman and chef, working with the local community and embracing the culture as he strives to acheive his life long dream. A1C Thomas Barley, Kadena Airbase, Japan

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